We Are Media Monitoring Experts

Managing your brand starts with accurate and timely media monitoring. Today’s media environment is more complex than ever before. Countless number of news articles and social media posts are created everyday. Monitoring such enormous data effectively requires professional tools and services. With our cutting-edge solution platform and professionally-trained staff capable of producing custom-tailored reports, we have the resources to meet all your monitoring requirements.

Monitoring Solution Platform

Our web-based monitoring platform makes your monitoring job so easy. It also allows you to conduct various quantitative and qualitative analysis, such as sentiment analysis and PR value calculation. Another signature feature is our real-time media alert. This fully-automated feature alerts you in real-time of any negative online articles/posts.

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Professionally-Trained Staff

Are you making the most out of the data retrieved from our solution platform? Interpreting them and drawing meaningful insights require great deal of time and effort. Let us help you with this. Rely on our professionally-trained editors and analysts who can fully process the retrieved data and produce high-caliber ‘presentable’ reports.