Promoting Hope,

The Very Reason For Our Existence

The Human body is made up of various organs. Each organ has an unique function that is indispensible to maintaining the overall health of a person. Like a human body, our society is made up of various organizations, each performing unique roles.

Our company¡¯s function is about promoting HOPE.

About 80% of our company is comprised of ¡®physically-challenged¡¯ individuals - many of us can¡¯t walk, can¡¯t hear or can¡¯t speak. Some of us are living with organ failure or other genetic diseases. We are the individuals who have often been turned down by society.

Otto Monitor embraces physically-challenged individuals. What matters to us is the ability to perform the given tasks with competence and professionalism. Working with physically-challenged people to build our company has convinced us that physical limitations do not determine a person¡¯s competency. Our growing number of satisfied clients is the proof.

Our vision of ¡®promoting HOPE¡¯ is to go beyond just providing employment to physically-challenged employees. We hope that the perseverance of our employees can inspire others, with or without physical limitations, in keeping hope.